The Game Boy line may be effectively retired in Nintendo's eyes, but the name itself still carries a lot of weight with gamers all over the world - including German designer Florian Renner, who has put together a cool concept which resurrects the classic brand for the modern era.

The Game Boy 1up is of course nothing more than a few gorgeous-looking renders and will never go beyond that stage, but Renner has put a lot of thought into this fictional device. It's got a large, HD display, uses 3DS-style cards and has an analogue D-pad, four face buttons and two shoulder triggers. However, it has retained the iconic look of the original hardware, delivering a fascinating fusion of old and new.

It's not the first time we've seen concept art for a new Game Boy, and we're tempted to suggest that a smartphone would be a better way to revive the name, but if such a product did make it to market, we'd be at the front of the queue. What about you? Let us know with a comment.


Thanks to Matt Sephton for the tip!

[source behance.net]