Gunman Clive Game Boy.png

We're big fans of both Gunman Clive games, which are among the finest releases on the 3DS eShop and are also available as a collection on Wii U. Developer Bertil Hörberg has certainly demonstrated his design flair and ability to create tight platformers with some retro feel.

Hörberg has taken his degree of homage to retro systems to another level with a Game Boy ROM release, fully playable, that consists of the first level of the début title. The following key details were given.

  • Works on every Game Boy model, or any decent emulator.
  • Runs at 60 fps with (almost) no slowdown.
  • 1 fully playable level
  • Near identical gameplay to the original
  • Rom Size: 64 KB

It's a really neat achievement, and can be downloaded from this website.

Will you be giving this a try?

Thanks to all that sent this in.