pokemon go

Niantic's monster-catching phenomenon, Pokémon GO, is still performing incredibly well and raking in the cash more than two and half years since initially launching.

According to Sensor Tower's Store Intelligence data, the app's year-over-year revenue grew by 84% in the month of January. Last month saw players spend an estimated $68.1 million across iOS and Android devices, compared to an estimated $37 million during the very same month in 2018.

This growth potentially comes from Niantic's continued efforts to keep players interested and make them want to load up the app each day. 2018 brought with it a new Community Day feature, where players hit the streets in swarms for three hours each month to snag a chosen Pokémon and its shiny variant, as well as the Field Research mechanic which introduces daily challenges to pick up rare rewards. Add the recently introduced player vs player battles and trading features into the mix, too, and you've got yourself a surprisingly feature-rich app.

Interestingly, Sensor Tower reports that last month’s revenue came primarily from players in Japan, who accounted for about 35% in total (approx. $23.8 million). Players in the US spent approximately $19.7 million, making up 29% of the total revenue.

Have you been playing more recently thanks to all these new features? Have you avoided playing it entirely since launch? Tell us below.

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