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On Tuesday we reported the new ‘Friends’ feature for Pokémon GO would rollout later this week. With Niantic slowly making this service and trading available to higher level players over the past day, the major release of the ‘Friends’ and social features is now live. This makes the services accessible to all trainers and trading available to players who are level 10 or higher. 

The new social update implements Trainer Codes, which essentially function the same way as Friend Codes on Nintendo devices. Once you’ve added a friend, you’ll gain additional benefits in-game like receiving gifts which can be passed on to your buddies. According to the official Pokémon GO twitter account, there are confirmed reports of Alolan Pokémon hatching from eggs gifted by other trainers:

Are you happy the trading and friend services have finally arrived in Pokémon GO? Have you perhaps returned to the game in preparation for the release of Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go, Eevee? Tell us below.

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