Last week, Panic Button unleashed hell on the Switch by releasing a new update for its 2017 title, DOOM. The developer said patch 1.2 improved the game's performance and allowed players to add recent competitors to their friend list. It also added in a video capture option, enabling the most brutal moments in the game to be recorded.

The team at Digital Foundry was already impressed with Panic Button's efforts, despite the comprises, so how does DOOM on the Switch hold up now after this recent update? It's a slight improvement.

During tests, DF found version 1.2 had a resolution of 1080x720 compared to the previous patch running at 1080x684. In terms of performance, there hasn't been a huge increase, but there's is a slight margin of difference - with the frame rate now closer to 30fps on average. Unfortunately, there's still a dip in when there are a lot of enemies on-screen. On the portable front, there's not much of a change and frame-pacing issues resulting in spikes are still present. To get the full rundown, view the above video.

Have you played DOOM on the Switch since it was updated? What do you think about its performance? Leave a comment below.