F-Zero is one of those poor franchises that can sometimes feel forgotten about; alongside the likes of Star Fox, Wave Race, and Earthbound, fans are left desperately screaming for a return to the series every time a new console is announced. Sometimes dreams are answered - here's looking at you, Metroid Prime 4 - but sometimes fans are left to sob uncontrollably into their pillows for another six-or-so years until a new batch of hope comes along.

Well, to make the pain a little easier, this new video by Daniel Ibbertson explores the complete history of the series, taking a look back through the games that have made F-Zero one of the most lovingly adored franchises in the gaming world. Whether you're an F-Zero obsessive who knows their Blood Hawk from their Dragon Bird, or simply someone passing through with a vague interest in Nintendo's futuristic racer, this video should keep you very much entertained.

Give it a watch and tell us about your favourite memories of F-Zero in the comments below.

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