Nintendo is kicking off a new series of videos devoted to showcasing Nintendo Labo's Toy-Con Garage mode, which allows you to create your very own Toy-Con using a basic programming tool.

The first video - shown above - talks about how you can use 'nodes' to create inputs and outputs. For example, on the most basic level you can have the Switch screen light up when you press a button on the Joy-Con. At the other end of the scale, you can combine several different nodes to create a system which dispenses a sweet when you insert a coin into a box. The potential is incredible.

Here's some more info, direct from Nintendo:

+ Toy-Con Garage mode includes different input and output selections*, called “nodes.” Input nodes include actions such as button presses or motions, while output nodes include reactions such as sound effects or vibrations. In addition, there are “middle nodes,” which allow users to select qualifiers such as counters and timers.
+ For example, an input node could be gently shaking the Joy-Con controller, a middle node could be a certain number of times shaken, and an output node could trigger a sound effect or a blinking light when the two previous actions occur.
+ By combining inputs and outputs with different Toy-Con projects, users may discover exciting results. They could steer the RC Car with the Fishing Rod, for example, or use the Motorbike as an instrument. Users can even invent their own Toy-Con creations using common materials from around their house!
+ With a variety of input nodes, middle nodes and output nodes to choose from, users will have fun experimenting with simple conditional statements (i.e. if you do this, then that happens) to create new experiences.

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