Nintendo Labo turned plenty of heads when it was unveiled back in January, and whether you're sold on the premise or not, there's no denying it's peak Nintendo. There was, however, some concern that users were going to be limited to the Toy-Con templates designed by Nintendo. Well, Nintendo has firmly quashed those fears with the unveiling of the Toy-Con Garage.

The in-built software feature works like a basic programming tool, enabling you to take the functions of the Toy-Con and combine and tweak them to suit whatever idea is floating about in your imagination. It's just the kind of open-ended creativity we've seen from Ninty countless times before, and as long as you're able to provide the right cardboard parts, there's no limit to what could potentially make. We saw the feature back at our first-hands on event with Nintendo Labo and it's left us really impressed with its scope.

But what do you think of Labo's newly revealed open-ended structure? Is this a great way to get younger Nintendo users into programming? Let us know!