Kirby Copy Ability Poll

Kirby has got a good year ahead of him, with the spin-off Kirby Battle Royale due out on the 3DS later this year and with Kirby Star Allies on track to deliver a more conventional Kirby experience sometime this spring. Kirby has always been defined by his copy abilities, so Nintendo has taken to running a poll to see which copy abilities fans think are the coolest or most useful. The first results of this poll have just been collected.

Results were tallied from North America, Japan, and Europe, and a few abilities made the top five in all regions. Ultimately, Mirror Kirby was decided as the winner, and the ability will be added in to Kirby Battle Royale. Here are the results by region:

North America

1. Mirror

2. Yo-Yo

3. UFO

4. Animal

5. ESP


1. Sword

2. Mirror

3. UFO

4. Sleep

5. Ghost


1. Sleep

2. Yo-Yo

3. Plasma

4. Mirror

5. UFO

For those of you that missed this, the next round of voting will be kicked off on 14th November, and the winner of that poll will also be added to the game.

What do you think? Did Mirror Kirby deserve to win? What’s up with Japan picking Sleep Kirby? Share your thoughts in the comments below.