The Satellaview is one of the Holy Grails of any Super Nintendo aficionado. This accessory allowed Japanese players to download exclusive games and even play exclusive sessions with live narration on scheduled broadcasts way back in 1995. As one might imagine, most of these sessions were a one off affair, and if you missed it chances are you will never be able to repeat the experience.

Enter the passionate and dedicated Super Nintendo fan community, who are able to perform short miracles like translating and even dubbing to English the exclusive The Legend of Zelda: The Ancient Stone Tablets, making the experience as close as possible the real thing if it had ever happened in the West. Years before this impressive feat, a group of dedicated fans also managed to release a couple of special versions of the game that were free of all extra features such as narration and timers, going as far as removing the Satellaview default boy or girl avatar and replacing it with Link. These are known among the SNES community as BS Zelda: The Third Quest and BS Zelda: The Fourth Quest.

While The Third Quest is exactly the same The Legend of Zelda adventure you fondly remember from the NES era, with a welcome 16-bit graphic overhaul The Fourth Quest mixes things up on both the overworld and the dungeon maps, giving hardcore fans of the original new ways to challenge themselves.

And the icing on the cake comes with the recent news of Conn adding MSU1 audio support to both games, trading the classic SPC soundtrack for a more properly orchestrated version of all those ear worm-friendly themes; this humble NL scribe finds himself whistling to these while working. You can check both versions of the game in action with the new soundtrack below.

It is quite a shame Nintendo is not interested in preserving long lost experiences like the Satellaview catalogue, but it is always comforting to know that dedicated, passionate fans are in place to pick up the slack.