Not happy with dubbin the original BS Zelda events (the 'BS' stands for 'Broadcast Satellaview', so stop sniggering at the back), the same group of dedicated fans has at long last released the complete English dub for BS The Legend of Zelda: The Ancient Stone Tablets, the four-part Soundlink Broadcast which originally took place between March 30th and April 20th in the distant year of 1997.

That's right, while we were all obsessing over polygons in the west, lucky Japanese Satellaview owners had the chance to take their boy or girl avatar inside the familiar yet unique land of Hyrule, taking on a special quest in the land of A Link to The Past to recover eight Ancient Stone Tablets.

During this real-time quest, voice-overs from characters would help the player figure what to do and where to go next. There were also random temporary bonuses that would give the player infinite arrows for ten minutes and even weather events that would hinder the player's ability to use items. Fog meant no arrows could be used and rain meant the bombs would become useless outside. Of course, all the dungeons were brand new, adding a lot of value to experienced players of the original game.

Until now, this experience was exclusive to those lucky Japanese gamers who happened to have all the required setup to enjoy the original broadcast, but thanks to this group of fans (and in conjunction to the MSU1 enhancement chip developed by byuu) you are now able to replay this adventure at your leisure and discover what we all missed out on nearly two decades ago.

You can find all the necessary files here. Let us know what you think.