It is hard to believe that just recently Super Mario Kart turned 25 years old. Even more unbelievable, in just one month there will be a new SNES console with the game out at retail, so we can take on those cups all over again.

Dedicated Super Nintendo and MSU1 fans (a byuu-developed custom chip that allows up to 4GB of total storage, allowing for streaming of both video and audio files on call from the original game cartridges) aren't holding back on digital audio enhancements for retro games, bringing new ways to enjoy the old classics in that "what if" scenario where Sony and Nintendo remained good friends and actually released the SNES Playstation.

It is with perfect timing that a new patch and sound pack just surfaced that gives Super Mario Kart a CD quality soundtrack to go along with those frantic Mode 7 races and battles. The patch was developed by qwertymodo and the (currently WIP) sound pack has been compiled by Kurrono Kei (who is still currently ironing out some kinks). See in action below.

Those who are tech savvy know that it is possible (in this or any other other MSU1 soundtrack enhancement) to add whatever tracks you wish for the MSU1 to playback. As such it's possible to replace the whole thing with the original F-Zero soundtrack, Mario Kart 8 live arrangements or if you are musically inclined your very own remixes and arrangements.

What do you think of these new ways to enhance old classics? What other classic SNES games would you like to have a CD audio quality soundtrack? Fire up that comments section with your thoughts below.