Mega Maker - Create your own Mega Man levels!.jpg

Super Mario Maker's” popularity proved something most people in the ROM hacking community already knew for years: there is a game designer hidden in all of us. Yet most of us do not have the technical expertise to look up code and understand how it works.

Level editors are nothing new, of course, going as far back as some games officially supporting this feature on the Famicom and Game Boy. However, Nintendo’s Super Mario Maker took things much further by creating a new template on how to offer the power of a professional 2D level designer tool wrapped into an interface that is both easy to use and intuitive for anyone, crashing down the wall of technical expertise that kept most of us on the playing side of the field.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and it didn’t take long for enthusiast community efforts to mimic the template and adapt it to other games. “Mega Maker” is exactly that, a new level editing tool for the classic NES “Mega Man” titles, but a project that escalates everything far beyond the simple level editing packages; it is a fully fledged fan game as well. Check the new trailer below.

"Mega Maker" is scheduled to be released on July 15th. As usual the big question remains: what will Capcom's legal department do? Is a C&D order being typed up right now? There has been a precedent of Capcom embracing fan efforts in the past, but only time will tell.

Would you like to see Capcom releasing something official like this? Is "Mega Man Maker" perhaps one of your childhood dream games? Drop your opinions in the comments section just like Mega Man drops Robo Masters: with eloquent strategy.