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The Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition (called Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System in Europe) has caused quite a stir since its announcement earlier this week - a budget Nintendo retro unit at $59.99 with 30 pre-loaded games is always likely to go down well. Its November release makes it a perfect festive treat, and some are already dreaming of future iterations that miniaturise more beloved consoles from days gone by.

It's an interesting concept, especially with the chosen naming conventions for the product being perfect for expansions in the future. The hype around it, and the inevitable bumper sales, will likely persuade Nintendo - if it hasn't already decided to do so - to go further and release more Classic Editions in the future.

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The contenders are obvious, with the SNES seeming like a pretty safe bet at this stage. The Nintendo 64 could be interesting, especially as plug and play N64-like systems have already been sold by Nintendo in China for a number of years as the 'iQue' range. When we get to GameCube we're wondering whether we're getting over-ambitious but, on the flipside, that came out well over a decade ago and there's an eager audience that wants to play those games again (which has gone unsatisfied with the Wii U Virtual Console).

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Beyond that, what about handhelds? They wouldn't be 'mini' to the same degree as home console equivalents, but could nevertheless be slimmed down and modern iterations of the originals. A Game Boy / Color or Game Boy Advance Classic Edition with about 30 games pre-loaded, a modern (but still affordable) LED screen and a decent chargeable battery could go down extremely well. The famous Game Boy would sell in big numbers, we reckon, especially if it retains the style and visuals delivered by the Color systems.

Those are some thoughts, in any case, and as it's a Friday we thought we'd ask you what you think. Which of these systems would you most like to see as a 'Classic Edition' in the future? Sorry, Virtual Boy isn't an option.

It's a tough choice, but you can share your views in more details via the comments section, as always.

What other 'Classic Edition' Nintendo system do you most want to see?