In a tight spot

The Super Nintendo was home to several Spidey games, some better than others. Some of the best offerings came from LJN (yes, that LJN…), with Maximum Carnage and Separation Anxiety among the most notable. There was one however that never made it out of Japan, and as luck would have it, it's a rather good one.

The Amazing Spider-Man: Lethal Foes is a 1995 offering from Epoch and it shows, boasting great comic book-style presentation, lovely graphics and smooth animation, all rounded off with tight controls, making Spidey feel exactly how he is supposed to in a platforming environment. Web swinging? Check. Web tossing? Check. Crawl on walls and ceilings? Double check.

Since it's a platform beat 'em up hybrid, it is a rather import-friendly game, with the dialogue between allies and foes standing as the only barrier to western Spider-Man fans.

That is, until a few days ago when ROM hacker Kepeb released the first full complete English translation, finally revealing the game's plot two decades later for us non-Japanese fluent retro gamers. Here is a preview of his work:

Worry not, none of us remember who The Beetle was either.

Note that you can use Hyperkin's Retron5 to play this game using the patch, since the hardware supports soft IPS patching.

On a curious side note, Epoch was also responsible for producing the Barcode Battler range of toys. The popular device allowed players to unlock extra content in this game. Just think about it: 1995 DLC!