Plenty of companies tackle the surprisingly complex challenge of producing a high quality game controller, and not all pull it off successfully. We somewhat admire the effort from Retro Fighters, then, which is aiming to crowdfund a 'next gen' NES pad.

The main pitch for this pad is that it has both usb and a NES port, so can be used natively on the 8-bit system or on a shiny modern machine. It's also got the neat idea of using a traditional modern setup to provide variations based on the limited inputs of the NES pad - two face buttons are turbo A and B buttons, while the shoulder buttons are also mapped to those same inputs. The theory is that any combination of D-Pad, sticks and buttons can be used for the most comfortable control setup, though analogue sticks won't magically change how NES games control.

Emulation and button mapping can achieve these same things, of course, though it's a potentially neat addition to a batch of NES controllers for some retro gaming. Whether it'll live up to a high quality when used is naturally a question mark, though, and the Kickstarter campaign has been slow to take off.

In any case, check it out below and let us know what you think.

Retro Fighters2.png
Retro Fighters3.png