Where's the fifth witch? Apparently she's bad...

Upcoming RPG Stella Glow has a substantial musical element to it, as our own Morgan Sleeper discovered early on with his first impressions of the game. According to publisher Atlus, the five witches encountered within Stella Glow's world possess forms of rare song magic, and having them reach their full potential means setting their hearts in tune.

It's a bit of an odd-sounding concept, to be sure, but potentially interesting in its abstractness. Main protagonist Alto will have the ability to enter each witch's heart to "tune" them, and in doing so will face off against the fears and anxieties that clutter their clarity. Alto, however, must forge a strong enough social bond with each witch during non-combat times of the game in order to earn enough trust to tune. Atlus has released a short video on witch tuning that you can view below.

Does the concept of witch tuning strike a chord with you? Let us know below! Stella Glow is currently scheduled for a Holiday 2015 release in North America and a March 2016 release in Europe.

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