Devil's Third has endured a tortured route to retail, losing its original publisher THQ to bankruptcy and being picked up by Nintendo after years of development, but one of the most unusual twists was that it very nearly got dropped by Nintendo of America only to be picked up again when the company performed a less-than-elegant 180 following the reaction of fans to the news.

If you cast your mind back, we reported that NoA was considering dropping the troubled title after a no-show at E3 and scant publicity throughout 2015, with another publisher apparently in talks to handle distribution state-side. That publisher was later rumoured to be XSEED.

Nintendo's change of heart has apparently resulted in a disgruntled XSEED, and one source who claims to have inside information is saying that it has damaged the working relationship between the two.

The person making these claims is NeoGaf user ShockingAlberto, who has offered up inside info in the past and has proven to be reliable. However, for obvious reasons, this should be considered a rumour at present - it's highly unlikely that XSEED will comment on the story, as the news of it picking up Devil's Third was - lest we forget - off the official record in the first place.

Our review of the game went live yesterday with the score pending following a playtest of the final online servers. It's out this week in Europe, with a North American launch coming later this year.

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