Remember Devil's Third? An action title from the creator of the more recent Ninja Gaiden games - Tomonobu Itagaki - it was first announced a few years ago for the PS3 and Xbox 360, but when publisher THQ went under the game was left in limbo. Nintendo shocked everyone by picking it up as a Wii U exclusive last year, and the game's 2015 release date has been on the minds of many a Wii U owner - largely because there are hardly any mature action games coming this year to the console.

However, despite a European release date being confirmed for the end of August, Nintendo of America has yet to say when the game will hit the US. According to Unseen64, that's because the NoA has quietly canned the release in that region.

Why would Nintendo do this after picking up the troubled title and giving it a new lease of life, you ask? According to Unseen64, NoA simply isn't happy with the final quality of the product. The site has spoken to various sources within the company and it would seem that an alternative publisher will have to be found if Devil's Third is ever going to see the light of day in America.

It might sound like an outlandish rumour, but Devil's Third was nowhere to be seen at this year's E3, despite being a title which was slated to launch in just a few month's time - and remember how Reggie stated that E3 was all about showing off soon-to-be-released software? Odd that he would leave out one of the Wii U's biggest third-party exclusives, right?

As with all rumours this should be treated with caution, especially until official word is forthcoming. Still, let us know what you think by posting a comment below. If you're interested, we'll be posting our preview of the game based on the final European code soon.