Devil's Third

Nintendo of America has broken its silence on Devil's Third, and has confirmed plans to bring the action title to its region. A tweet on the subsidiary's official account acknowledged that fans are eager for news on the title, stating it'll share details 'soon'.

This follows an extended silence, confusion and rumours around the title. Given a firm late August release date in Europe back in early June, Devil's Third was absent from NoA's E3 efforts and post-LA news. We considered this a curious drift away from the spotlight, accentuated by the title's page disappearing from the North American eShop and some slightly cryptic words from Tomonobu Itagaki. This was then followed up by rumours that NoA would not publish the game (via Unseen64) and follow-up reports that another publisher would bring it to North America (Siliconera). This tweet seems to dismiss those rumours.

What we do know is that the game is complete, and as mentioned previously we'll be bringing you a preview of the final European build soon. For those in North America keen to get their hands on the game, meanwhile, it seems it's still on track to hit the region.