Miiverse, Nintendo's bespoke social network service, will undergo a major redesign on 29th July. It's easy to forget that the service is only a little over two and a half years old, having arrived with the Nintendo Network ID upon the launch of the Wii U. NNIDs and Miiverse are familiar now, but in November 2012 both represented a step up for Nintendo's online integration and services.

Miiverse itself has already changed a great deal, arriving on the 3DS in late 2013 along with NNIDs on the portable, while we've seen a browser version as a third option. There have been changes to the layout and features before now, and for plenty of gamers it's a notable part of the Nintendo gaming experience.

So, what of the redesign? You can see the key images below that show how it'll look - there'll be Screenshot Album and Play Journal areas, while game communities will be split up into Play Journal, Drawings and Discussion segments.

Miiverse redesign3.jpg
Miiverse redesign1.jpg
Miiverse redesign2.jpg

The redesign itself has been divisive, but the most vocal opponents on the platform primarily seem to object to the change of focus it'll bring. The changed layout and a limit of 30 non-in-game posts and comments a day per user has upset those who like to chat extensively on the platform, and not all appreciated Nintendo's explanation that the changes are to bring Miiverse closer to its original goal - for users to share information on games.

It's easy to argue that Nintendo's goal with the redesign does match the concept of Miiverse that was shown off just prior to E3 2012; that Direct presentation showed users helping each other with tips in ZombiU, for example, but there's a counter-argument that to battle against the interpretation and uses embraced by its community is counter-productive.

With the redesign just days away, we want to gauge your opinion, not only on the changes but Miiverse itself. There was a lot of buzz when it launched, and in the months that followed with updates, but is it still a service you enjoy?

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