At the start of July Nintendo confirmed plans for a major redesign of Miiverse this Summer. The social network has already evolved a fair amount since its launch with the Wii U in November 2012, with plenty of updates tweaking functions and the user interface. This redesign is more of a revolution, though, shaking up how we use and browse the bespoke social network.

The key changes are certainly designed to highlight the platform's role as a place to talk about and share information on games above all else, with new categories and areas for sharing artwork, screenshots and tips. The redesign evidently has the goal of taking the platform away from being a rather slow-paced chat room, especially with a move to limit non in-game posts and comments to 30 a day per user.

That latter restriction, and the general approach to change how communities work, has upset some regular users, though it's also fair to say others likely approve of the changes. In any case, a new update post has been shared to explain the thinking behind the upcoming update.

A major change like this always has the potential to be divisive. Let us know where you stand on the redesign, shown below.