Tri Force Heroes

While Nintendo has plenty of single player experiences and adventures on the way, some of its notable recent reveals are determined to get us playing with others. The Legend of Zelda and Metroid Prime are two IPs announced recently that will try and tempt us to play with others online or locally on our 3DS, albeit with equivalent options to play alone. Yet it seems that Tri Force Heroes and Federation Force are going to primarily cater to co-op play for the best experience, with Nintendo's promotional efforts and demos to date pointing to that as the best way to play.

It's an interesting direction for Nintendo to take, albeit one that may have come naturally as it worked towards alternative game projects and - dare we say - spin-off titles. That's gone a step further with Animal Crossing amiibo Festival, which is a spin-off that's also aiming to accentuate the toy range, and like any party game will only really but enjoyable in the company of others.

There are some key solo experiences on the way, such as - at the time of writing - Star Fox Zero, Super Mario Maker (solo in play, but with extensive online sharing) and the 2016 RPG time-sinks on 3DS: Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam and Fire Emblem Fates. Overall, we're looking at a balanced slate of games focused on single players and those with friends to hand locally and online.

Federation Force

Yet when going around Nintendo's booth, watching the Treehouse and taking in demos at press events, not to mention when jumping into Splatoon matches, we're reminded how much Nintendo wants us to play together. In those first two examples, particularly, co-op is the key gameplay mechanic.

With these upcoming games we're curious as to how you feel about this. Are you keen to tackles these multiplayer experiences with others, or will you utilise the solo options in each regardless of the co-op design? We've also included Yoshi's Woolly World and Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, to gauge whether co-op or competitive action in those will be chosen ahead of single player action.

Hit up the polls and let us know in the comments what you think of Nintendo's major co-op and multiplayer-driven titles on the way.

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