When Satoru Iwata teased the Nintendo 'NX' platform for a reveal in 2016, it made headlines and prompted some exciting conversations among Nintendo fans and gamers as a whole. For our part, the manner of its reveal and the code name itself only reinforces our belief that a unified platform is on the way. That's only a relatively educated guess, though, and Nintendo's thrown enough curveballs in its time for us to be wary of overconfidence.

Wariness and logic need not apply in the world of video game retail, however, as EB Games in Australia is taking pre-orders in store for the system. We may not know what it is, when it's coming out or how much it'll cost, but that doesn't stop us from ordering one! The image and Facebook message in question are below.


Nintendo have confirmed they're developing a dedicated gaming platform with the codename NX! They've said more info will come next year.

The NX is now available for preorder instore.

If you're a fan that intends to buy the NX even if it's actually the Nintoaster, which toasts your bread and allows you to play Super Mario Bros. while you wait, then EB Games may be the retailer for you. We suspect most will wait a while rather than pre-order a system - potentially - about two years before it actually arrives.

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