We recall a character reveal for the latest Super Smash Bros. titles last year that caused some confusion, as a brief appearance of Chrom and a dodgy live feed made some - including this writer - mistake him for a 'new challenger'. He wasn't of course, but was rather just part of Robin's Final Smash move - one of the lead characters from the brilliant Fire Emblem: Awakening was limited to a brief cameo.

Modders often fill gaps left by Nintendo, of course, and it seems one such clever person has taken assets for the character and dropped them into Super Smash Bros. Brawl with Marth's move-set, which is entirely logical. Thus fan dreams are fulfilled, though sadly there doesn't appear to be a costume variation of him wearing nothing but his rather tight-fitting swimming trunks as per in Awakening; for now Shulk's still the only male brawler to show off his abs and impeccably waxed chest.

Those distractions aside, you can see this mod in action below; don't forget to switch the quality to 720p60FPS for the best effect.

[source siliconera.com, via eventhubs.com]