Nintendo Force

Following last year's successful campaign, our friends at NF magazine - which was originally called Nintendo Force - have launched a new Kickstarter to offer both returning subscribers and new readers the chance to keep the spiritual successor to Nintendo Power magazine going for yet another year.

Here's a bit of background info on the project from NF Magazine:

Back in December of 2012, Nintendo Power Magazine shipped its final issue. That got a lot of long-time Nintendo fans upset, as NP had been the one consistent and reliable print magazine covering Nintendo video games ever since the '80s. Some of us had been subscribers for over two decades, and there were still tens of thousands of active subscribers getting new issues delivered in the mail up until that final issue.

Well, we didn't want to see that legacy die. So we assembled a dream team of the most well known Nintendo journalists from around the world and launched a new magazine two years ago – the first issue went on sale on January 11, 2013, exactly one month after Nintendo Power ended.

NF Magazine is not Nintendo Power. But we're carrying its torch forward into the future by paying homage to the best parts of NP's past while forging a new identity with an all-new team. So join the Force! Subscribe to NF Magazine by pledging to this Kickstarter, and get Nintendo magazines coming to your mailbox, your email inbox or directly to your digital reading device of choice.

There are lots of different pledging options ranging from $10 to $150. Will the force be with you this year?