Last year brought the launch of Nintendo Force magazine (update: now simply known as NF Magazine), a publication with the goal of keeping the Nintendo Power spirit alive and kicking following the latter's closure. Contributors were found from across the web, including our own Corbie Dillard, and it completed a début year of sending out new issues — physical and digital — on a bi-monthly basis.

In order to guarantee another year of the magazine a second Kickstarter campaign was launched to secure the necessary funds. It has achieved just that, comfortably passing its $49,000 goal to reach $69,491 at the close, coming from a little under 2000 backers.That meant a few stretch goals were passed, including free desktop wallpaper for all backers, a re-run of issue 1 for subscribers, and a fold-out poster for the next issue; in addition, the previously unpaid team will get now get some pay for their efforts, too.

The loss of Nintendo Power was clearly a major disappointment, so it's terrific to see magazines such as Nintendo Force keeping the flame alive for magazine and Nintendo enthusiasts.

Nintendo Force Issue 8