Just recently we outlined some of the details for the upcoming Master Quest DLC in Hyrule Warriors, which will include a new scenario playable with Cia, along with Epona as a 'weapon', a new Adventure Mode area and clothing.

A new video released by Koei Tecmo now shows the villain with the deadliest goatee — Volga — smashing foes for fun. This is actually part of a free update now available in Japan that allows the three main villains — Cia, Volga and Wizzro — to be playable; whether this will arrive in the West in some form is up in the air, but we'd be surprised if that doesn't happen. As you can see in the footage, Volga takes no prisoners.

Do you like the idea of taking up the challenge as the terrible trio of evil world conquerors? They're an odd team, but sure know their way around a battlefield.