Cia Whips Zelda

Hyrule Warriors is now bringing hack and slash mayhem to gamers around the world, but Koei Tecmo is busy producing multiple paid-DLC packs to tempt us to buy more. A major entry is due on 16th October with the Master Quest DLC pack, which has already been confirmed to feature Epona as a rather scary weapon.

More details of this pack's offering have now emerged, and it'll offer a fair amount of content in exchange for 1200 Yen in Japan — that converts to around $11, but localised prices may vary. The main inclusion is a playable scenario — comprised of five episodes — that features improbably-proportioned villain Cia marching towards Hyrule and meeting fellow evil-doers Volga and Wizzro. A trailer for this is below.

Beyond this scenario and Epona, there'll be "Guardian of Time" outfits for Lana and Cia, a new map for Adventure Mode and a 'Master Quest Rules' option for that mode that takes away hearts and items — in exchange for better rewards, naturally.

As you may also notice at the end of the video there's an advert to save money by pre-ordering all four planned DLC packs — rather like with Mario Kart 8's two equivalent sets. Ordering the packs up front for 3000 Yen offers a discount from 4100 Yen (for all packs bought individually) and will also provide a Dark Link outfit. We're still waiting for all equivalent details (apart from the Master Quest DLC release date) in the West.

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