de Blob

Do you remember THQ's de Blob which splattered the Wii with all the colours of the rainbow way back in 2008? It was certainly an original title and one which we were quite fond of.

As you will probably know THQ went bust back in 2012, but the promise of a de Blob sequel lives on as Nordic Games has announced today that it has closed an asset purchase agreement with THQ Inc. and THQ International GmbH to acquire the intellectual property “de Blob”.

Speaking on behalf of Nordic Games Reinhard Pollice said “de Blob is just a great and truly unique franchise” and “we are excited about what the future holds for this polychromatic extravaganza as the newest addition to our portfolio. We will evaluate opportunities with the existing games, as well as potential sequels.”

Are you excited about the prospect of a de Blob sequel which might possibly arrive on the Wii U in the not too distant future? As always let us know with a comment below.