de Blob

de Blob (Wii)


Blue Tongue Entertainment


Game Rating

User Ratings: 121

Our Review: 8/10


Number of Players
Action, Platformer
Release Date


  • US 22nd Sep 2008
  • EU 26th Sep 2008
  • JP 13th Nov 2008
de Blob
Colour Revolution
Controller Support
Nunchuk + Wii Remote
Feature Support
480p, Dolby Surround, Local multiplayer, Widescreen 16:9
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Also Available On
Switch, PS4, Xbox One

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de Blob Screenshot
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  • Review de Blob (Wii)

    ¡Viva la revolución!

    Chroma City has been subjugated by the diabolical INKT Corporation! Can anyone free the formerly colourful Raydians from their grey prison? Enter the members of the Colour Revolution led by legendary Chroma City graffiti artist Blob, whom players control in their quest for colour, funk and freedom! Based upon a game created by...

About The Game

The Blob is a third person action maze challenge with a colorful, fun and shapely animated character everyone will love!

Featuring ball-rolling and color spray gameplay mechanics of captivating fluidity and an evolutionary design, gamers will laugh and play for hours.

Are you ready to wreak havoc in the streets of an alien city? Enter a world where color is outlawed and the citizens are like zombies. Your mission as the Blob is to return color into the world so the citizens can snap out of their trance-like state and become funky!

As the Blob uses the city as a playground to decorate he is forced to take on the evil INKT Corporation agents. Constantly under attack, the Blob in his own quirky way fights back. Rolling, bouncing and crushing are his weapons!

The object is to color and/or stencil as many buildings in the city as possible while avoiding the enemy. Race against time moving at Blob speed, or choose your own pace. The city is a canvas and The Blob is your paint brush!

Take the action to the next level. Compete against 2-4 other players in
the quest for multiplayer Blob supremacy.

This fresh new concept will appeal to everyone. Casual gamers will enjoy the simple and infectious aspects of the game such as the fluid animation and wacky Blob maneuvers. The hard core gamers can take on the challenge of earning as many rewards as possible and unlocking several hidden elements. It’s an experience for all to enjoy that’s like no other!


  • Urban exploration – control a fun animated Blob to transform an oppressive and hostile city into a vibrant, colorful and happy place.
  • Real-time painting of cities
  • Players can take photos of their painted city to make “postcards,” which can be saved and shared online.
  • A number of unique locations with a different balance of game play puzzles and level objects.
  • Compete against others in a range of multiplayer modes in the quest for winning Blob supremacy.
  • Simple intuitive controls, which allow a unique use of the Wii controller offering gamers an animated playing experience.