Motorolas New Smartwatch Has a- Goldeneye 007 Interface 141025614755

Who in their life hasn't pretended to be a secret agent on a daring mission to uncover and foil the plot of a notorious villain whose greed surpasses their humanity? Well now you can take one step closer thanks to a clever little Android developer.

The Moto 360 smart watch from Motorola is one of the more traditional-looking smart watches on the market, and now you can take that traditional feel and toss it out the window by giving it the look of the watch from Goldeneye 007.

The design does serve some purpose though, the shield meter depletes as your battery wears down. Whether or not the health meter decreases as your body slowly approaches death is not clear.

Of course if smart isn't your thing, you could always opt for a more old-fashioned version.

Is this tempting you to buy a smart watch just to feel more like a square-headed Bond character? Let us know in the comments down there.

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