Fish SF2

Not so long ago we shared the humorous and slightly goofy spectacle of a Fish playing Pokémon, in which its often lazy swims around its tank would be converted into D-pad and button inputs. Like any Twitch phenomenon there'll be others that use that original as a source of inspiration, and we reckon this particular spin-off is rather entertaining.

In this version we have two fish battling it out in Street Fighter II, the Capcom brawler still regarded by some as the pinnacle of its genre. Our combatants are Aquarius and Robert the Bruce; their profiles are below.


Quick and agile, Aquarius has an aggressive fighting style which relies on rapid movement and flowing combos. However, his headstrong approach in a match can become his undoing when he finds himself running directly into his opponent's fist over and over... and over... and over...

Robert the Bruce

Robert the Bruce is much more methodical in his technique, often pausing and waiting to counteract his opponents style, then striking at the most opportune moments.

So far both fish have 'won' a day each — the channel's live chat seems to be rooting for the perceived underdog (underfish?) Robert the Bruce.

You can see the madness unfold below; remember the fish aren't actually fighting, and we're sure they're very happy and content.