"Better him than me."

Today's entrant in the annals of human achievement comes courtesy of Twitch TV, in the form of a motion-tracked fantail betta playing Pokémon Red/Blue using virtualised Game Boy controls. The fish, one Grayson Hopper, has apparently been playing (or "swimming aimlessly in his bowl", if you prefer) for over one hundred and twenty-five hours. Mr. Hopper's sole companion so far is his trusty charmander AAAABBK, with whom Mr. Hopper has already lain waste to his rival's squirtle.

Witness the meditative quality of Mr. Hopper calmly swimming around and occasionally, if accidentally, causing something to happen:

Are you warming up to incomprehensibility as a battle tactic or has that always been your go-to? In awe of Grayson's proficiency with the menu system, or could your very own Mr. Gurgles beat the pants off of this fish? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks to ace ichthyologists Octane and 9th_Sage for identifying Grayson Hopper's breed.

[source twitch.tv]