Phoenix Wright 123 Comparison

The Ace Attorney trilogy coming to Japanese 3DS owners next month appears to be shaping up nicely, with Capcom sharing images of how the 3DS version compares to the original GBA release and Nintendo DS follow-up.

The above image shows off Phoenix at his best in court – sprite art and all. From left to right is footage of the GBA, DS and latest 3DS trilogy, while below is an image contrasting the improvement in environment detail during the investigation segments of the game.

With a release of Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection yet to be announced outside of Japan, the only thing fans in the West can really do right now is enjoy these mouth-watering comparison images or argue their case as to why Capcom should release the Phoenix trilogy over here as soon as possible.

It's likely to be a positive outcome for all parties with confirmation of the trilogy collection featuring English language options – just like the original Japanese releases. At the very least, this means fans with a Japanese 3DS console will be able to import and play this collection right away.

Phoenix Wright 123 Comparison 2

Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection will be released in Japanese stores on April 17th for 3,990 yen. The cover art is drawn by Tatsurou Iwamoto who worked on the original titles, with a limited edition version of the game also being made available on release.