No objections here!

Capcom is releasing a special Ace Attorney collection for the 3DS which contains the first three games in the best-selling series.

While the 3DS console's unique screen will be used to give each game a sense of depth, they will remain effectively unchanged from a graphical perspective. English language options will be present — just as they were in the original Japanese releases — which means those of you lucky enough to own a Japanese 3DS console can import this collection and still understand what's going on.

The collection will hit Japanese stores on April 17th priced at 3,990 yen, and the cover art will be drawn by Tatsurou Iwamoto, who worked on the original titles. A limited edition version will also be made available at the same time.

Called Gyakuten Saiban in its native Japan but better known in the west as Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, the courtroom drama series started on the Game Boy Advance before being ported to the DS. The franchise has since moved to the 3DS, with the last game being Dual Destinies. Wright has also starred in a crossover game with the one and only Professor Layton.

There's no word yet on if this package will come to the west, but we'll keep our ears to the ground on your behalf. Would you be willing to pick this up if so? Share your thoughts with a comment.