Do as the fairy asks...

This video games lark is quite young as an entertainment medium; it's decades behind film and television, while books have hundreds of years behind them. Yet in a short time we've seen extraordinary transformations in technology and also game design. It's easy to forget when playing modern games, but many retro classics take an entirely different approach in their design — namely, they'll beat you down and make you want to cry, and not even blink as they do so.

While not true across the board, retro games can be relentlessly difficult, secretive beasts that leave many reaching for cheat codes, Virtual Console restore points and online guides. With only a small number of exceptions, modern games are very different in terms of how they guide us along, help us when we're stuck and generally try to convince us all that we're gaming ninjas and bad-asses of the top order. Naturally, there are plenty that bemoan the modern way of things and others that defend them stoutly — as always a middle ground is probably close to the right balance.

Still, blogger and computer programmer Hugues Johnson has posted 20 screens to show what NES games would look like if designed for a modern gaming audience; he takes aim at games being easier, linear and other staples such as micro-transactions. A selection of these are below, mainly because they're some of our favourites, but we recommend checking out the full gallery at

So, what do you think of these? Fair enough, or maybe a tad unfair?