Luigis Mansion Art 2

When it comes to the UK software charts, we're typically used to seeing major games exclusive to Nintendo platforms making an early bee-line for the top 10 before, in many cases, promptly dropping back to modest placings the following week.

That's not the case with Luigi's Mansion 2, however, which has steadfastly held onto the fifth place that it secured in its debut week. Perhaps it's a sign of the growing 3DS userbase in the UK maintaining momentum, it could be down to brand awareness or, perhaps, it's because it's a fantastic game. It's possibly a combination of all of those factors, but whatever the case it's a strong showing for Luigi's solo adventure.

On the Wii U front there's some disappointing news. After its failure to secure a top 10 spot in its debut week LEGO City Undercover drops back to 32nd in the chart; meanwhile it's unclear whether it's due to a stock shortage or waning interest, but Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Wii U and 3DS exits the top 40.

Not great news on the Wii U front, but a big congrats to Luigi, showing that it's not all about Mario in the Nintendo family.