The same cover will be fine

The thing about developers and publishers being on social networks is that they have another means to poke and tease us gamers. Gone are the days of big announcements being exclusively in gaming magazines, and now we have pre-announcement hints of teasers. Still, it sure keeps us interested.

The latest publisher to join in is XSEED, which was asked about the possibility of localising Rune Factory 4, the 3DS title that arrived in Japan back in July. Its response suggested that it's certainly interested in the idea.

Hmmm, we’ve had an itch to work on another Rune Factory game since we loved Frontier so much, so let’s see if we can’t grab a back scratcher somehow…

Rune Factory: Frontier for Wii was released by XSEED in North America back in 2009, while the company also published The Last Story in the region this year. With that in mind, this tease could become a reality, though PAL region gamers will probably need to hope that another publisher picks up the slack outside of North America.

Are any of you Rune Factory fans excited by this possible localisation?

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