If you found the rather good New Super Mario Bros. 2 to be rather short, you may soon give its lifespan a 1-up with three new level packs.

Announced in a seemingly spontaneous Nintendo Direct hosted by NCL boss Satoru Iwata, the packs, all due on 2nd October in Japan and costing 200 yen (circa $2) each, expand on the game's Coin Rush mode. Survival Panic Pack pack promises a set of three very difficult courses, Gold Mario Go! Go! Pack has three easier new stages and challenges players to get 30,000 coins; the third is Challenge the Record A Pack, featuring three time-limited stages where it's all about a high score, which will then be ranked on Nintendo Japan's website. If you've yet to hit 1 million coins, these packs would certainly put you well on the way towards that goal.

Western details will follow, but in the meantime check out the Japanese Nintendo Direct as hosted by Nintendo World Report.

[source nintendoworldreport.com, via theverge.com]