If you've been living in a cave and cut off from the outside world in recent weeks, then this may be news to you: New Super Mario Bros. 2 is now available in Europe, and graces North American stores in just two days, on 19th August.

You all knew that, we hope, but if you didn't then we'd expect you to already be looking for some loose change, checking credit card limits and getting yourself onto the nearest online retailer: unless you're a traditionalist, in which case get yourself to the shops. Of course, if you're feeling particularly lazy or want to show how trendy and with the times you are, then you can purchase directly from the eShop, albeit at the full retail price.

Why should you buy New Super Mario Bros. 2? Well, it's Mario, but it's well refined and classic platforming action. If you're looking for innovation and boundless creativity, this game may not push your buttons, but plenty of franchises are picked up on a yearly basis with barely any changes or signs of progression. Critical reception may have been mixed, but a masterpiece is a masterpiece, as we say in our New Super Mario Bros. 2 review.

So, are you planning to get your Mario game on this weekend?