No wonder they look annoyed

Today brings mixed news on software sales for Nintendo, though perhaps it's a positive in the market that brings the big N the most success. In Japan, Andriasang has translated results published by Enterbrain and Famitsu that show Nintendo as the biggest selling software publisher for May. Covering the period for 30th April to 27th May, Nintendo-published titles accounted for 27.8% of all software revenues in its homeland, with Capcom following with 26.4%.

On the other side of the coin, the latest weekly charts bring disappointing news in the UK. Heroes of Ruin, the dungeon-RPG from n-Space on 3DS, has failed to make an appearance in the UK top 40 in its debut week, only managing to be the fifth best-selling title on the 3DS-specific chart. Those titles that did make the all-format top 40 were the usual evergreens in similar chart positions from previous weeks, with Mario & Sonic at the London Olympic Games still holding firm in 9th place.

A disappointing result for last week's big 3DS release, particularly as Nintendo itself is responsible for sales, marketing and distribution of the title in the UK. Results in Japan continue to impress, and converting that success to other audiences is surely high on Nintendo's agenda.

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