While 3DS owners may have had a taste of stereoscopic pinball with Zen Pinball 3D on the eShop, there's always room for more flippin' action on the system. It seems that those prayers will be answered by Pinball Arcade from FarSight Studios, which is said to be 'coming soon' on 3DS and, intriguingly, Wii U: the developer has previously released Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection on Wii and 3DS in North America. Pinball Arcade has already appeared on almost every other gaming platform imaginable, so it's good to see that Nintendo gamers won't miss out.

Pinball Arcade is typically praised for being one of the most authentic and fun pinball experiences available, so fans will also be pleased to hear that the developer is trying to bring one of the most famous and complex real-world tables to its game as DLC: The Twilight Zone. It's the first attempt to digitise a licensed pinball machine, and due to the high costs for the rights it's launched a campaign to raise money. The company will cover the actual developments costs, but is seeking support to pay the license, which comes to a hefty $55,000. At the time of writing the campaign was already half way there, but you can see all of the details on the Kickstarter funding page.

Farsight Studios certainly goes beyond the norm in its attempts to provide authenticity: the company actually buys the real tables, breaks them down and creates a digital reconstruction. The Twilight Zone, meanwhile, is rated number one by players on the Internet Pinball Database, so it seems that aficionados of the real thing may be interested in the project. If you want to learn more about how the company produces its games, check out the video below.

Thanks to Sean Aaron for the tip.

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