No nasty surprises please, Capcom

Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure was an early attempt at an original franchise for Wii, and looked to have everything going for it: originality, charm and quality in spades. Shame, then, that it bombed at retail, an early warning sign of the troubles ahead for third-party publishers. The game's producer Hironobu Takeshita is still fond of the game though, and would love to work on it again, he told Nintendo Power.

Takeshita said:

I have a great deal of interest in doing a sequel. It’s one of several IPs that I want to return to. As for Nintendo 3DS… it would be fun if people could play and solve puzzles together.

Considering some of the innovative ways Capcom used the Wii Remote, we think it could do incredible things with the Wii U's Wii Remote Plus and touch screen controller set-up.

However before we all get carried away, this isn't the first time Takeshita has expressed an interest in revitalising the series: back in 2010 he said:

I personally like this title so I would like to create a new one though I don’t think it’s good timing to do so.

Is the timing any better now? We sure hope so.