Not flying off shelves

While Kid Icarus: Uprising has flown high in the Japanese charts and won the prestigious Nintendo Life Game of the Month award for March, it's dropped out of the top ten in the latest UK charts.

Pit's latest adventure comes in at number 14 in the chart in its second week, a drop from seventh in its debut week but the highest-placed 3DS-exclusive title. Mario Party 9 on Wii is down to 22nd after a strong debut last month, while Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 are the only other 3DS titles in the top 40, in 34th and 37th place respectively.

Although it's only its second week, it's slightly disappointing to see Kid Icarus: Uprising drop out of the top ten so quickly, while the 3DS generally appears to be struggling to make a significant impact in the UK software chart. With plenty of new titles on the way, there are plenty of opportunities on the horizon to reverse that trend.