Nintendo Life - 2012

It's been nearly three years since we launched the previous version of Nintendo Life. Since then a lot has changed, as a result our tab bar has grown exponentially as new platforms and consoles have been announced and launched.

We, as a site, have also gone through lots of changes since 2009. Our pool of talented writing staff has grown, as has our audience: last year we had over 34 million visits, serving a page to someone in the world every 0.9 seconds.

As most of you already know we launched our flagship PlayStation site, Push Square a week or so ago — you didn't think we would leave Nintendo Life lagging behind, did you?

Starting today we've given Nintendo Life a significant 1-Up, the biggest set of changes in three years and we hope you like it. We've removed the cumbersome tabs and redesigned the header of the page to be more compact, useful and user friendly. You can still access colour-coded channels through the menu and nothing has been removed, however we have merged 3DSWare and 3DS Virtual Console into a new eShop channel.

Under the hood we have make sweeping changes, making use of HTML5 and some CSS3 to bring you this shiny new design. The good news is that we're not finished — this is just the first of many upgrades we'll be performing this year, including lots more social features in coming months.

We understand that not everyone likes change, especially not on a Monday morning, so take your time, have a browse around and let us know what you think.

Updated: This update is for desktop and tablets, we'll be working on a mobile/3DS optimised version in the near future.

PS. Have you seen what happens when you hit a 404?