Here at Nintendo Life we often follow the progress of the Donkey Kong arcade world record, with the feat representing, arguably, one of the pinnacles of retro gaming. There are plenty of other Nintendo classics from the 1980s that are still played competitively, however, one being the original Tetris on NES.

As reported by, New York gamer Matthew Buco not only reached the promised land of 999,999 points, but did so quicker than anyone before on Level 26. Much like the saga of Donkey Kong, Tetris high-score chasing has been documented in a film, Ecstasy of Order, which featured the Tetris World Championships that Buco took part in two years ago. As Buco explains, he got close to the record before, so knew it was possible.

I had three games within one Tetris (four line score) of the max-out. I had a 983,000 game this past June. A month later I got a 976,000 and a week before my max-out I had a 990,000 game. It was getting rough getting close so many times but I knew I could get a max score. It was just a matter of getting the right pieces at the right time and playing well at the max speed.

A video of the achievement is below: if you thought you were good at Tetris, check this out.