There are two groups of gamers likely to know about MYST: those of us that have reached a certain unflattering age, and others who enthusiastically track down adventure games on DS. For the uninitiated, MYST is a 'point-and-click' adventure game originally released on Mac OS in 1993. It was unique at the time for its unobtrusive story and lack of any time-limits or pressure, with the player being allowed to move on at their own pace. It was also in a first-person view, with gameplay consisting of moving between still screens, exploring and solving puzzles.

As it enjoyed major success at the time, MYST has been re-released and remastered a lot, on various consoles and formats: it was even released on DS in 2007, though it gained little praise. Undeterred, UK publisher Funbox Media has decided to pick up the licence and bring the title to 3DS in Europe and PAL regions, ensuring that this old classic isn't finished yet. It's due to arrive in June and the press release is below.

Having already sold in excess of 13 million units globally since its original launch in 1993, MYST is ready to make an appearance on the 3DS. The amazing adventure title which is ideally suited for the platform, it features six worlds, many puzzles to solve and clues to find. MYST offers over 80 hours of immersive gameplay and has something for everyone.

With the 3D features the game really comes alive, giving players a new dimension to this already classic game. The 3DS version also introduces the first-person fantasy universe to players not yet acquainted with the series, and gives gamers extra content to explore with new landscapes and with the RIME Age added to enhance the MYST storyline.

As in the original MYST, players will solve puzzles, explore their surroundings and interact with items and objects that deliver clues from which players must piece together answers in order to move ahead and solve the mysteries that lie within.

MYST is the latest announcement from the UK Publisher with more exciting products coming through. “We are delighted to be publishing MYST” commented Mark Clemens, Sales Manager at Funbox. “This game needs no introduction and we’re sure it’s going to be a big hit with the fans that remember the original and those that will be new to one of the greatest adventure games ever, we’re sure we have a great hit on our hands and further enhances our commitment to bringing exciting products and licenses to the market across all platforms”.

While MYST for Nintendo 3DS stays true to the original game’s model in keeping all your favourite elements, the upcoming addition takes the classic journey to a new level with sharp 3D environments which transport players even further into the enigma of the game.

MYST is scheduled for a European/PAL release in JUNE 2012

So, are any of you going to track this down when it's released?