A worrying sign for Nintendo

The Wii may be in its twilight years, but a large number of its retail titles are still being being downloaded and played illegally. Website TorrentFreak compiled figures of downloads in 2011 from a number of sources and trackers, providing results for three major formats, though these are estimates rather than official figures. While the PC was easily the biggest victim, the Wii figures are a fair bit higher than those of the Xbox 360, on which Gears of War 3 was top of the chart with around 890,000 downloads.

The following (estimated) top five figures highlight the severity of the problem for the Wii in 2011:

Super Mario Galaxy 2 — 1,280,000
Mario Sport's Mix — 1,090,000
Xenoblade Chronicles — 950,000
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean — 870,000
FIFA 12 — 860,000

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is apparently the most downloaded Wii game for a second successive year, while the high numbers for Xenoblade Chronicles may be influenced by the delayed retail release in North America. The 3DS and, presumably, the Wii U will have measures to counter illegal modding of consoles and downloaded retail titles, but the Wii's piracy problems continue.

[source torrentfreak.com]