Mario Kart 7 is out around the world this week, and to get you all playing together we've set up an official Nintendo Life community for you to join.

To make sure everyone finds something to enjoy we've set up a range of game types, all in the 150cc class.

To join the Nintendo Life community on Mario Kart 7, follow these steps:

Load up Mario Kart 7
Install the Mario Kart Channel — this is your best way to keep up to date with MK goings-on
Head over to Online Multiplayer
Select Communities, then Join
Click Enter Code and enter these delightful digits:

150cc — No Items — 04-0673-3404-8527

150cc — Bob-ombs Only — 52-6562-9908-9924

150cc — All Items — 00-2104-5343-9763

What's so good about a community? It means you can race against Nintendo Life members quickly and easily: select the community and the game will automatically match you with other NL players. You never know, you may even face off against some of our staff!